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Usability Testing

by Andy Budd

Usability tests are an excellent way of discovering problems with a product or service. Commissioning a dedicated usability lab will provide a high degree of scientific rigour but obviously comes at significant cost. Instead of a single academic evaluation, why not bring your testing in-house and run it alongside your design and development process?

Two or three quick-and-dirty usability tests will not only provide better results but will also allow you to iterate your product between tests, ultimately leading to a more refined product.

Usability testing needn’t cost the Earth. In fact, there’s no need for all that expensive equipment, a dedicated lab and or even expert evaluators. It’s entirely possible to run a test at your own office, a cafe or even your test participant’s home. In this workshop you’ll learn everything you need to know about planning, organising and moderating your own guerrilla usability tests.

What will I learn?

Andy Budd

Andy is a founding partner and Managing Director of Clearleft. He also goes by the title of User Experience Director depending what mood he’s in. Andy is the author of CSS Mastery, curates the dConstruct and UX London events and is responsible for Silverback, a low cost usability testing application for the Mac.